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Top abortions Abu Dhabi – Abortion Clinic in Abu Dhabi

Top Abortions Abu Dhabi is the No.1 abortion clinic in Abu Dhabi. We offer approved safe medical abortions and women’s health services.

Abortion clinic in Abu Dhabi, offers superior private early abortion solutions. We are private abortion alternative to Planned Parenthood Specializing in early pregnancy, offer abortion counselling and review important abortion facts with you. Our office provides an environment that is safe and private, where our Doctors offer Compassionate and expert care.

We believe that an abortion is private matter, and just like any other medical condition, it is treated that way.

We specialize in non-surgical abortion medical abortion, the abortion pill, aspiration abortion and natural abortions. Our private abortion Doctors are trained with the most modern technology and safest abortion methods that most abortion centres do not offer. Consequently, we are recognized as a leader in abortion care with over 3 years of experience.

Our offers Private early Abortion solutions in Abu Dhabi

At Top Abortions Abu Dhabi we schedule each patient privately, so there is minimal waiting time to see your physician. This way we make sure that we do not have overlapping appointments and the care we provide to each patient is private and confidential. By treating our patients this way we assure that there are no busy waiting rooms, no overwhelmed staff and we are able to maintain 1-1.5 hours office appointment, Visit our abortion clinic in Abu Dhabi.

Abortion Clinic in Abu Dhabi

Our abortion clinic in Abu Dhabi Provides legal abortion services using abortion pills we have a team of professional gynaecologists and nurses who treat all our clients with distinctive care and the utmost respect.

Abortion Services Abu Dhabi

Abortion Methods, At Top Abortions Abu Dhabi we offer the safest and most advanced abortions methods. We aim at providing optimal care and helping our patients make a decision about which method is right for them. We are recognized as one of the leading private practice abortion providers with over 3 years of experience in abortion care. All of our gynaecologists have specialized training in abortion care and safe abortions.

A Pregnancy is considered to be early when it is within the first twelve weeks, there are two methods that are considered to be non-surgical methods of terminating an early pregnancy. These two methods are the Aspiration Procedure and the Abortion Pill. They are safe, gentle, and natural methods of terminating an early pregnancy. These two non-surgical early abortion methods end a pregnancy before it develops.

Abortion Pills available in Abu Dhabi – Abortion Pills in Abu Dhabi

What is the abortion Pill in Abu Dhabi?

This method of medical abortion uses a drug called Mifeprex, also known as RU-486 to abort the pregnancy. At your initial visit, a state of the art trans-vaginal sonogram will be performed in our office to confirm the pregnancy and determine your eligibility to use this abortion method. After this, you will be provided with a series of pills to abort the pregnancy. The first Pill, mifeprex, is taken orally at our offices or at the privacy of your own home. The second set of pills, called Misoprostol, are then taken 48 hours later. These last two pills cause the Uterus to contract, resulting in the expulsion of the pregnancy tissue. This method is safe and effective, many women see this as a desirable Alternative to surgery and anaesthesia

What are the advantages of the abortion Pill in Abu Dhabi?

Women are generally happy with the abortion pill. In fact most women who took the abortion pill/RU-486 would recommend it to others. Some of the main advantages of the abortion pill over a surgical abortion or an Aspiration Procedure are:

  • You are able to be in the comfort and privacy of your own home while taking both sets of Pills
  • Some couples like this method because you can go through the process together and you are not in a doctor’s office
  • Unlike the Aspiration Procedure and A surgical Abortion there is No Procedure when taking the Abortion pill/RU-486
  • Abortion Pill/RU-486 is similar to the experience of having a natural Miscarriage


Abortion Considerations

At Top abortions Abu Dhabi, we understand that having an abortion is an emotional and difficult time for women. We are here to help you make the best decision for you. We believe in a women’s right to choose. We do not believe that a woman should feel bad about herself for ending an early pregnancy. At Abu Dhabi Women’s and Abortion Clinic, we terminate the pregnancy before it even develops. Additionally, we provide Menstrual Extraction for women who want to prevent the possibility of pregnancy. We believe that women deserve the best medical care with the most advanced methods available.

There are many emotions that run through the minds of women making this decision and Abu Dhabi women’s and Abortions Clinic is here to help you get through these difficult emotions. Feeling conflicted and going through a time where you are highly emotional is completely normal. When a woman is pregnant her hormones are changing and this can heighten emotions. Even when you know you are making the right choice it is still normal to feel conflict, frightened or sad. We strive to make this experience a time of growth, a situation that can eventually help you to become more enlightened on what is important to you. This experience may bring you closer to your loved ones. People often feel they are alone in what they are going through, however, it is important to know that when making important decisions people are often conflicted and feel mixed emotions .Sometimes we wish we did not have to make the choices we are faced with. However, the most important part is that you do have the choice and we are here to help you make the best decision for you.

Abortion has come a long way since the days when they were performed in isolated clinic settings where women felt ashamed and did not talk about what they were going through. These days’ abortions are much more common than one would think. Most woman experiences an abortion at least once in their lives. Birth Control is not perfect and we make mistakes .However, today you have many options. At Abu Dhabi Women’s and Abortions Clinic we make your experience as comfortable as possible: Abortion Clinic in Abu Dhabi Areas Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi city Abu Dhabi’s mainland Airport Road Al Bateen Al Karamah Al Markaziyah Al Muroor Al Raha Al Rawdah Al Reef Al Reem Island Al Wahda Al Zahiyah Corniche Road Downtown Abu Dhabi Eastern Road Electra Street Hamdan Street Khalidiya Khalifa City Madinat Zayed Masdar City Mohamed Bin Zayed City Mussafah Saadiyat Island Shakhbout City Yas Island

WHY We Are Different

  • At Abu Dhabi Women’s And Abortions Clinic, you see A Doctor in The privacy of An Examination Room. We Schedule Each patient Individually So Patients Are in A Private Environment
  • Patients Are Seen By Their Own Board Certified Doctor And Are Accompanied By A Single Private Nurse
  • Family And Friends Are Welcome The Entire Visit As We Believe That Support Is Important.
  • We Make Ourselves Available To Talk If You Need Emotional Or Informative Counselling.
  • At Abu Dhabi Women’s And Abortions Clinic , Our Average Appointment Time Is Approximately 1-1.5 Hours, Which Includes Expert Counselling And Care By your Board Certified OB/GYN
  • We Provide A Small Intimate Private Waiting Area, And We Promote Individually Scheduled Visits So That There Is No Long Wait Time And Your Visit Is As Private As Possible.
  • All OB/GYNs are board certified with specialized training in abortion care we utilize the newest and safest state of the art abortion methods
  • Top abortions Abu Dhabi and abortion clinic office is a state of the art Beautifully decorated intimate private
  • Abu Dhabi women’s Abortion clinic we provide full OB/GYN care, therefore besides you and your Doctor, No one will know you are there to have an abortion.

Here at Top abortions Abu Dhabi, we want to make this difficult choice, a time where you can grow and develop. If you have any questions about our service give us a call any time. Abu Dhabi Ajman Al Ain Fujairah Ras Al Khaimah Sharjah Umm Al Quwain

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